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GREENSPA Fresh Lemon Face Wash Cum Scrub Wash

GREENSPA has a range of facewashes. Out of which this lemon facewash is my favourite one. The Lemon Oil Control Scrub-O-Wash, Mask n Wash, Facewash from Greenspa, with refreshing lemon fragrance, is the most effective remedy for oil control of your face. This face wash carries the best of the properties of lemon in every form and hence can be rated as the best scrubowash for skin care.

Lemon peel extract contains plant acids which bring a glow to the skin by removing dead skin and stimulating new skin growth. The lemon juice, full of vitamin C and citric acid, helps even-toning the skin and makes it a couple of shades lighter by clearing away the excess oil, dirt, impurities, pollutants, and sebum. Dried lemon peel powder is a mild exfoliating agent and makes the skin smooth. Lemon essential oil is antibacterial in nature and maintains the skin's health.

This lemon power-packed scrub cum facewash can be part of your daily skincare for a charming everyday look. Just apply this facewash and mask it for a while and then wash it off to gain your looks. You may place your order here for this unique fresh lemon facewash cum scrubwash. It is a must try. Happy Shopping!

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