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A Greenspa customer interacting with a Greenspa beauty advisor, showing that Greenspa is consumer-oriented and always open to feedback against its products like facepack, facewash, face cleanser, face soap, face oil, massage oil, creams, lotions, hydrating gels, dry facepack, foot cream, face cream, hand cream, body cream, under eye cream, elbow cream, rose water, hair oil, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, lip scrub, lip balm, body care, acne prevention, anti-ageing, fainess and skin brightening products under Greenspa cosmetics and skincare brand which are made with natural ingredients.


We are there in the business because of our customers. CUSTOMER DELIGHT IS OUR MOTTO. Our customers may write to us if they need any beauty advice. They may also write to us in case they face any complaint with the products. We are open to their suggestions and feedbacks. Please feel free to write to us anytime. You may discuss handmade cosmetics, natural ingredients, product  solutions or any other topic that you feel could be relevant in the context. You may write to us at

The given phone number is for sales enquiry only.

Customers should refer to our Replacement Policy, Shipping Policy and Privacy Policy on the website.

We recommend patch testing for all our products to all the customers before its application.

Contat US
Greenspa Handmade Natural Cosmetics (Greenspa) has solutions for all your cosmetics, skincare, beauty care and face care needs. Check






Please feel free to get in touch with us for any beauty advice or consultation.


C-257, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow,

Uttar Pradesh, PIN - 226020


  • What is you shipping and replacement policy?
    We ship almost every part of Bharat covering more than 32000 PIN codes. Our delivery time varies between 3 to 7 days depending upon the distance of the location. If the order is from a far reaching point, it may take some more time than suggested above. Since the products re of personal nature, we do not take return of the goods sold. However, if customer receives a product in damaged state then he may initiate a replacement after submitting relevant proof of such damage.
  • May I have a discount on the products?
    Yes, why not? You may check our website for different discounts and coupon codes. Also, you may subscribe us to have a 15% discount on your first purchase. If you have a different idea then please share that by filling up the for. Thank you!
  • Are you products preservative free?
    The one word answer would be NO. But we expect our customers to understand the fact if any product has water or aqua as its constituent then it must have a preservative for the longevity of the product otherwise product will be rotten. We do use preservatives, though some of our products like cold pressed soap and oils etc. are preservative free.
  • Do you use parabens in your products?
    Parabens are the safest preservatives available for the past 8-9 decades. There is no known side-effect of parabens. These are considered to be safe preservatives. There are some companies who oppose parabens but their opposition is purely from marketing perspective. Their narrative is that do not use products having parabens; instead use products having xyz preservatives. Their products are not preservative-free, rather they use other class of preservatives. As an enlightened customer, you must pat attention to what they say? They do not say our products are preservative-free, instead they say that their products are paraben-free. Having said so, we recognise the trends in the market and have products that do not contain paraben as preservative.
  • Do you have any solutions for Acne?
    Yes, we have an acne-prevention cream, an acne-prevention facewash and an acne prevention facepack. Besides these three products we have Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel which is also useful in acne. One may check our combo section to buy all three i.e. cream, facewash and facepack at a discounted price for much improved results and a smooth skin.
  • What do you suggest for fairness?
    We have solutions for fairness and skin lightening. We have skin lightening and skin brightening cream, facewash and facepack that improves your shades by a few points on the scale and makes your skin appear glowing and smooth. ou may also use our night cream and sun protection cream to bring glow and avoid tanning of your skin. We have a skin lightening and fairness combo option of cream, facewash and facepack available under our Combo section at a discounted price. You must check that to avail the offer.
  • What solutions do you have for ageing and wrinkles?
    With ageing, wrinkle is a natural problem. We have three solutions for the same. We have an anti-ageing face cream, anti-ageing facewash and an anti-ageing facepack. Other than these products our Rose Water and Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel is also helpful in preventing wrinkles and other signs of ageing. For more effective and lasting results, we recommend the combo of cream, facewash and facepack. You may find it in our Combo section at a discounted price.
  • How effective are Greenspa products?
    Greenspa products are made out of natural constituents and the natural constituents definitely leave its impact after application. We have several products to address various issues like acne, ageing, fairness etc. that give favourable results. Try us and shop now.
  • What all products do you have?
    We have a huge range of handmade natural cosmetics products. You may check our Shop All page to have a look of our entire range that comprises of facewashes, face scrubs, facepacks, face cleansers, face oils, face soaps, dry facepacks, hand creams, foot creams, body creams, night creams, sun protection creams, anti-acne products, anti-ageing products, skin lightening and fairness products, body care products, hydrating gels, lip balms, lip scrubs, bodywash, handmade soaps, cold process soaps, hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair oils, essential oils etc. We have a huge range to choose from. Browse Shop All page now to have a glance of our complete range. You pay also choose specific ranges to browse. Happy Shopping!
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