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It is often confusing what does it mean by 'handmade'? How do you define handmade cosmetics? So, we thought we must explain to our customers what the term 'handmade' means. 

Here is what 'handmade' stands for us:

1.   Handmade is primarily about communicating a human touch to every aspect of the business.
2.   Handmade means that the products are fresh.
3.   Handmade products are made in small lots or small batch sizes.
4.   Handmade means that an expert personally monitors the entire manufacturing process.
5.   It ensures human intervention and monitoring at every step of the production process.
6.   Checking products at every stage helps maintain the product's unique value-added feel and texture.
7.   Handmade signifies purity and care. Therefore, it establishes a communication that products are safe and friendly.
8.   Handmade products carry natural and rich ingredients.
9.   In formulations, handmade products rely on unique constituents like freshly chopped fruits, vegetables, fruit pulp,          fruit extracts, active substances, and fruit juices.
10. It is not that no machines or instruments are used in making handmade products. We use stirrers, grinders,                  choppers, cutters, mixers, fillers, distillation units etc. Still, we do not use large machines where every process is          automated, chip-controlled and highly standardised.
11. Experimentations and acting upon feedback are convenient with handmade products due to small batch sizes.
12. Developing new products is easier as it requires less investment. So, product development becomes part of the          handmade manufacturing process, which gives a broader product range for consumers to choose from.
13. Product customisation in handmade products is effortless. It can be done for a very small size of consumers with        ease and perfection.
14. Handmade is about generating satisfaction among consumers by incorporating and acting upon their wishlists.
15. Handmade means building relationships and confidence between the brand and the consumers.

Hence, handmade is about giving fresh products to the consumers that have been made with personal attention to ensure fine quality in the products. Handmade establishes a greater degree of confidence. Handmade allows experimentation with products because these are made in small batches. There is greater scope to act upon consumer feedback for improvement because the production process involves small quantities, which only needs investing a little money for a change towards improvement. It is possible to customise any idea in handmade products for any number of consumers; therefore, handmade products' adaptability is very high.

Handmade signifies quality with personal attention, forming the USP, which is very important to every consumer. Handmade reflects ethics and purity. It guarantees a unique satisfaction to every consumer that they are in safe hands.

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